Accounting Outsourcing Firms in India
1. Setting up of an Accounting System :
An effective accounting system forms the basis of every finance department. We believe in creating an accounting system which not only assists in handling the various Income tax and other statutory matters but would also act as a decision making tool to the management thereby leading towards effective efficient and more practical decisions.

We will therefore set up a feasible accounting system, which would be Tailor-made to suit the Clients requirements as well as to match the uniqueness of their business. We also help organizations to prepare budgets and at the same time also provide comparisons with actuals as we consider it as an important aspect for appropriate measurement and monitoring the performance of the company. The above service includes some of the areas :
  • Performance Analysis
  • To Monitor Expenses against budgeted
  • Tax Compliance & Planning
  • Accounting Outsourcing Services
2. Accounting Supervision :
Here we will act as a bridge between the Management and the accounts department in order to enable smoother decision-making by providing the management with timely MIS and other relevant reports. We will supervise the entire process of Accounting from book keeping to maintenance of data to retrieval of records in a systematic and efficient manner.
3. Accounting and compliance services :
We will undertake day-to-day accounting along-with adhering to the various statutory compliances. The same will be done by visiting the client’s work place for a sufficient number of times depending upon the volume of work.
  • Preparation of the monthly payroll based on the inputs received from organization. The same would include all statutory and other relevant deductions as required.
  • Ensure deductions of all relevant amounts and as per applicable statutory laws like Income Tax, provident Fund and Professional Tax etc.
  • Checking Form 16 for the Employees and file Qtly. returns for e-TDS with Income Tax authorities.
  • Deposit TDS & provide proof of deposit.
  • Ensure redressal of any issues.
  • Reconciliation of payments/ statutory deductions etc. with books of accounts on quarterly basis.
Tax Planning & Returns
The service involves helping the clients make necessary periodic income tax, sales tax and other returns. It also includes helping the client make sound investment decisions and help him avail various rebates and deductions.
Cash Forecasting
The service involves analyzing the cash requirements of the business and making cash forecasts for planning the future.
  • Time saving
  • Analyzing the potential risks in advance
  • Correct interpretation of the company's financial position
  • Informed and better managerial decision making
  • Collection, summarization, and accurate analysis of financial data
  • Optimization of business resources and processes
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