Helping Business Set-Up in India
Due Diligence Services
Gulati Dinesh & Associates. has helped large number of companies to establish an operation in India. The major services include :
  • Incorporation of companies
  • Outsourcing of administration and accounting
  • Payroll
  • VAT returns
  • Audit and corporate tax compliance
  • Advice on corporate and personal tax
  • Assistance in buying a business
Gulati Dinesh & Associates Chartered Accountants, India's one of the leading independent accounting practices, was founded in 2001 and have grown to the present position through a series of success of several clients, not from practice mergers. The successful clients are owner managed businesses, international businesses being set up in India and many personal clients to whom we supply a range of taxation and investment planning services. We also offer outsourced services like administration accounting and payroll to companies who are setting up their businesses in India.

As a whole we offer integrated solutions that can fit every aspect of entering the Indian market. It is like helping you to understand how business is done in India, offering you a complete ‘virtual’ accounts department – from advice on corporate structuring to reviewing your long-term strategy.

Correct corporate structure for your business can always help you to minimise tax, both in India as well as at home, and at the same time maximise investor’s returns. The options between representative office, branch office, subsidiary, limited company or limited partnership may be confusing. The disclosure requirements also sometimes affect your decision. Till date a lot of companies and firms have benefited from us. They have established most profitable choice for themselves along with dealing with all the necessary statutory regulations.

It is most important to understand your market and selling environment for your product. We undertake some of the initial market research and then, working with you, develop a fully costed market entry plan. We are very uniquely placed to advice on your business locations and also about the grants that may be available. We even provide introductions to the banks and other financial institutions when you are in need to raise your finance. If you plan for acquiring a company or looking for prospective trading partners, we make all the required approaches in total confidence, on your behalf. We facilitate negotiations, determine valuations and also meet your due diligence requirements. For the smaller companies, we provide office address along with the telephone-answering and message services. To increase visibility in a new market, we provide advice on public and media relations. Our outsourced bookkeeping, administration, payroll, VAT and debt management services, helps you to meet your India statutory and fiscal compliance obligations.
Growing Successfully
It is required for India limited companies by the law to place on public record their statutory annual accounts that has to be audited often. These must comply with a range of complete disclosure requirements, which is set out in the Indian Companies Act. Gulati Dinesh & Associates, Chartered Accountants ensure that all such disclosure requirements are met, and these are authorised to carry out independent statutory audits. Our approach to audit focuses effort where it is most required, keeping costs to the minimum and providing a useful management tool. Our clients are normally allocated key personnel who takes an involvement and active approach to their requirements. Our advice is not only an annual event, rather clients rely on our experience all year round. With the smooth growth of your profits, we advise on corporate tax planning and compliance, and will also negotiate, on your behalf, with the Inland Revenue. Whenever any cross border intra group transactions arises, the difficult issues of transfer pricing is never far behind. We can assist you in determining fair prices and ensuring that the documentation required by the tax authorities is in place. For business owners and key employees, financial and tax planning is very important to us our personal tax, financial planning and trust departments aim to maximise your financial growth and minimise tax bills. Our administrators performs good credit checks on potential customers, assist them with customs and shipping documentation and arrange all the appropriate insurance for them. With the establishment as a India presence, we can follow up on our initial market strategy with regular marketing reviews.
The Advantages
Our service list is versatile and it makes for you easier to pick and choose to specifically match your needs. Our outsourcing capabilities let you achieve India fiscal compliance cost-effectively. We do look after the peripheral issues leaving your company time to concentrate on what’s really important for succeeding in the India.
Services Include
  • Incorporation of companies.
  • Financial Due Diligence Services.
  • Real Estate Due Diligence Services.
  • Outsourcing of administration and accounting.
  • Payroll.
  • VAT returns.
  • Audit and corporate tax compliance.
  • Advice on corporate and personal tax.
  • Assistance in buying a business.
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